Unofficial Chrome Browser Extension

Being a member of, it feels awesome to release the first version of unofficial Chrome Browser Extension for the community.

I never planned on creating something like this but when the idea struck me, I knew I can’t let it go. chrome browser extension screenshot

This plugin came into existence because of two main reasons:

1. Being a tab junkie I always have 3-4 GH tabs opened in my chrome which uses quite a lot of computer memory. Moreover, every time I want to read latest GH stories I have to switch tabs leaving any other important work incomplete. A browser extension seems like an ideal solution.

2. I recently started learning Javascript and wanted to start a side project and hence this plugin came along.

Few Things To Note

1. The extension is a little slow as it uses Yahoo! Query Language to scrape data from GH website. When you click on plugin icon, it sometimes take up to 10 seconds to show the drop down. So please be patient.
Update – Updated the extension to v 1.6 and re-factored the code so it works super fast now. :) Also added a loading icon till the time system fetches the data.

2. I’ll release the extension code on Github very soon as I’m still learning how to use it. It would be wonderful if people can then fork and suggest enhancements for speed and other aspects.

3. I want to continue enhancing this extension and thus any feedback about features etc would be very much appreciated.

Again, here is the link to download the Chrome extension —>

Hope you guys like it!!

Pallav Kaushish
Pallav Kaushish
A marketing junkie fascinated with the amalgamation of marketing and psychology. I work with startups to boost their growth. Always happy to share ideas and learn from others. Feel free to drop me a note via about page.
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