Inspect Element Window Is Not Only For Developers, Use It For Growth Hacking

Inspect element window has been a life saver for me a number of times specially when I was trying to setup our company’s official blog and wanted to see the effect of the changes before modifying the code. As a hybrid marketer who understands coding aspect I couldn’t help but think what a fantastic tool it could be for marketers.

Just to understand the power of Inspect Element Window, look at the first entry in following image.

Article of inspect element window trending on Hacker News (Fake)

Yeah you saw that right. This article is already trending on hacker news. Wish that was real!! (Make it come true, share on hacker news) 😉

It took me half a minute to make those changes and put my article at number 1 spot on Hacker News. It’s not voodoo magic and probably all the techies reading this article would be thinking ‘Dude we knew this when we were 13’ but many marketers wouldn’t have a clue about it. Using this simple trick in marketing can show amazing results.

To take advantage of Inspect Element Window you need to have very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, though you can even play with Javascript. Even if you can understand how HTML and CSS is written, you can use this trick. Here is the documentation for using Inspect Element Window in Chrome.

Now put on your creative hat and start thinking on how you can use it to grow your business. Here are 2 possible scenarios I have in mind:

Woo A Potential Customer

Want to show one of your potential customer how cool your app is? Send him a few personalized screen shots of your app by replacing the default name, company name and image with your customer’s information.

Faking Virality

You can create a temporary buzz or gain someone’s attention by taking a screenshot after manipulating the content of a web page. For example, I’m a fanboy of Dharmesh Shah, here is an image I can circulate to create fake buzz about my article (check the first tweet):

Fake tweet by Dharmesh Shah

Also, be careful while using such fake images. You don’t want a DMCA notice or lawsuit at your hands (don’t know if that’s even possible).

Here I handed you the magic bullet, shine it with your creativity and let me know how it worked out for you.

Pallav Kaushish
Pallav Kaushish
A marketing junkie fascinated with the amalgamation of marketing and psychology. I work with startups to boost their growth. Always happy to share ideas and learn from others. Feel free to drop me a note via about page.
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  • 1111111111111

    those changes are only visible to your browser and if you refresh the page it returns to its original state right?

    • Pallav Kaushish

      Yes, exactly. Those are temporary changes till your refresh the page.

      Apologies for replying so late, been out of touch.

  • jaygeek

    TIP: You might also get some mileage out of CTRL-SHIFT-B (to turn off the bookmarks bar, so you don’t have to scribble so much.)

    • Pallav Kaushish

      Good one @jaygeek:disqus , will remember that. :)