How Gmail’s Structured Data ( Can Shape The Next Generation of Email Marketing

How Gmail’s Structured Data ( Can Shape The Next Generation of Email Marketing

Once every couple of days I take out a few hours just to explore new and interesting stuff which I can somehow use for my next side project. I got my last side project idea – Chrome extension for when I stumbled upon Yahoo Query Language. I knew I had to scrape something and what better than

This time I stumbled upon Gmail Integration because I’ve been flirting with the idea of making a completely free add-on to schedule your emails in Gmail inbox, something like Boomerang or Yesware but totally free. This lead me to Gmail Actions which are structured data markups using standard in email. It allows marketers to include different structured data to make it easier for users to interact with emails.

If you use Gmail you must have seen this in your inbox –

One click action in Gmail Inbox


Increase conversion by adding modal overlay at the end of video

How to add conversion overlay window at the end of a video?

Many companies use videos as a medium to communicate their solution or the problems they are trying to solve for users. It has already been seen that videos have better conversions than text or images and they still do not optimize it for conversions.

One of the simplest ways to enhance conversion from a video is to add a message with call to action buttons at the end of the video (post roll) which guides users to take the next step once they have finished watching it. For different businesses it can mean guiding users to download a software or create a new account or just collect their email address.

In this article you’ll learn how to implement this simple conversion tactic to your videos with or without any help from a developer. If you understand a bit of HTML, CSS and Javascript then you can follow the steps and code provided in this tutorial to implement it by yourself or you can pass along this article to the developer who can implement it for you.