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YourStory on Hook Model

YourStory On Hook Model: A Case Study On Facilitating Habit Formation In Tech Products

Technology is addictive. Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest have changed habits of millions of people for both better and worse. But many experts will tell you that it’s not technology but psychology that holds the key to human behavior. Technology by itself can’t hook a user, it’s the use of psychological principles that makes technology so addictive.…

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The mere measurement effect in society, politics & marketing

The Mere-Measurement Effect & Its Applications In Society, Politics and Marketing

Human brain is a complex machine and understanding all the factors contributing to the decision making at any given point is quite tough. However, just by knowing some of the powerful techniques that influences your every day behavior is a step forward in self-awareness. Let’s explore one of these psychological phenomenons called the mere-measurement effect which impacts most areas…

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Increase conversion by adding modal overlay at the end of video

How to add conversion overlay window at the end of a video?

Many companies use videos as a medium to communicate their solution or the problems they are trying to solve for users. It has already been seen that videos have better conversions than text or images and they still do not optimize it for conversions. One of the simplest ways to enhance conversion from a video is to add…

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Unofficial Chrome Plugin of GrowthHackers - Snooptank

Unofficial Chrome Browser Extension

Being a member of, it feels awesome to release the first version of unofficial Chrome Browser Extension for the community. I never planned on creating something like this but when the idea struck me, I knew I can’t let it go. This plugin came into existence because of two main reasons: 1. Being a tab junkie I always…

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5 Questions to Ask In Your Next Demo - Snooptank

Ask These 5 Questions In Your Next Demo & Increase Response Rate By 35%

  If you’ve been in a B2B sales call or a demo you would be familiar with this kind of conversation: “Customer: We are evaluating products so we can do ‘XYZ’ throughout our company and wanted to talk to you guys. Sales Rep: Great!! How can we help? Customer: Well, we were earlier using ‘XYZ’ product but we…

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Gravatar - gem for your onboarding process - Snooptank

Using Gravatar In Simplifying Your User Onboarding Process

Lately I have observed that when I sign up on a website using my email address (not via my social media profile) my image automatically appears in the new profile. WordPress, Github and Stackoverflow has been doing it for long and if you noticed, even GrowthHackers website does it. Many of you might know that it’s…

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99acres - You're Doing It Wrong!

Why 99acres Need To Get Its Act Together and Innovate

This post stems out from my personal experience of finding a house to rent in Delhi. When my search was on during the month of October 2013, the only place with maximum listing of properties online was 99acres. It made me hopeful of finding a suitable place without wasting too much time. However, after going through almost all…

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Never Stop Testing, And Your Advertising Will Never Stop Improving - Snooptank

Quick Actionable Tests To Increase Conversions

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) can give a huge boost to your conversion if your main source of making money is on the web. This is a quick and dirty guide to implement some of the most common A/B tests that performs well and will help you increase your conversion rate and in turn increasing your…

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What Happens When You Work With Multiple Startups at the Same Time - Snooptank

What I learnt By Working With Two Startups At a Time?

Three months of my life have been excruciatingly hectic while I was working with two startups at a time. The situation just dawned on me rather than me pushing for it. Here is how it happened. 8 months into the first startup I was doing good, learning a lot and enjoying my life. I was…

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Single table inheritance with Eloquent (laravel 4)

Eloquent is a great orm. It provides a very usable api powered by very clean, readable code. Eloquent opens itself up to extension, thus allowing you to implement powerful patterns over it that help you retain the power of an orm while maintaining a proper separation of concerns. One of such patterns that I am…

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Lessons Learnt From My Viral Content - Snooptank

6 Major Points I Learnt From My Viral Content

Marketers rely on many different tactics to get the word out about their product or app. Word of Mouth has always been the most influential one taking the product one step closer to success. Viral Marketing is highly sought after formula that is seen as a shortcut. It helps get instant attention and promotion among…

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On Taking a Break from PHP

I have been learning programming properly for 2.5 years now (I had a few brief stints before that, separated by years, but 2.5 years ago is when i really started learning programming with the aim of making a living out of it). And I have been working as a web developer for a little more…

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Testing with database in Laravel 4

I recently needed to write some tests in which test code needed to interact with database (which is usually the case with integration tests*). These tests were for the core business logic of one of the applications i am working on, so i had to be sure that whatever is happening in code, is reaching…

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On Laravel – Journey Of An Artisanal PHP Framework

Laravel is a great shiny php framework. Even though its only two years old , it has gone through 4 versions, and now, its BIG. The forums are active and full of great q&a’s and serve as an excellent resource to anyone willing to learn laravel. The IRC channel #laravel always has around 350 members active and…

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Email That Got Me a Chance to Meet Noah Kagan

One of the landmark event of my life happened in February 2013 when I met Noah Kagan (founder AppSumo). It was a big deal because I’m a huge fan of his work and never really thought that I’d meet him someday. So when the opportunity arose, I didn’t leave a chance to jump on it. The end result… I…

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Quora Marketing Strategies You Should Care About

Quora is freakishly addictive. I love it for all the real world experiences I get to read there. I started using it for fun but since I used ‘Promote’ feature, I knew it has some real power that can be leveraged for marketing. I made my Quora blog for testing and wrote my first article.…

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And a Programmer Joins In

Till now, this blog has been featuring the “musings of a marketer”. Now a programmer, that’s me has joined in too and we hope to rope in a designer as well. We are a group of friends each working in different areas of the whole IT business and we in ourselves pretty much cover all…

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How can my girlfriend spy on me using facebook graph search - Snooptank

How Can My Girlfriend Use Facebook Graph Search To Spy On Me?

Last week’s buzzing news which got even google’s attention was about the launch of Facebook’s new Graph Search which is very close to reality in terms of finding content that is related to you and your friends. From the beginning facebook’s search was powered by Bing and their own search was pretty basic which matched keywords…

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Marketing & PR For Indian Politicians - Snooptank

Marketing and PR For Indian Politicians

Since the Delhi Rape Case I have been noticing how the government is reacting to the whole situation and I sometimes feel why can’t these politicians act more sensibly and take right decisions at least in certain critical situations like these but couldn’t come up with one answer. Being inquisitive I tried doing a primary…

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Landmark Education: Their Main Marketing Element

It was the cold morning of Christmas and though I slept late the night before I was up and running in the morning to attend the Landmark Education session which was to start at 11 AM. A journey of 1.5 hours and I reached almost on time (10 minutes late.) It was an introductory session…

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Marketing Idea for Music and Event's Industry

Just the other day I was strolling online and exploring new music when I saw this special button on ‘Myspace’ website which said ‘Bring this band to your city’. If you haven’t seen it yet do check it out. It rose my level of curiosity because at one time I had this concept in mind but…

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How to set Twitter Trends?

It’s 2012 and we are already running in digital age of social media. Half a decade back when twitter was in its initial stages no body would have thought that power of # and @ could be so useful for your business. What differentiates twitter from other social medias is its power vested in 140 characters.…

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What is SEO and which SEO to hire?

Search Engine Optimization as you know is basically a practice and methodology to increase your ranking in the search result when a person tries to find out something related to you. There are people who do this and help you rank higher in search results and these days there are hundreds of them coz digital media world…

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Ask Questions – Social Media Engagement Tactic

Engagement as everyone says is the key to increase your social bond with your users and to improve your lead generation rate and conversion rate. Today our company finally started publishing posts on our brand’s Facebook page and twitter profile which was long due and something happened today which taught me a simple lesson of…

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Do startups require Social Media Marketing consultants?

This question popped up when me and my founder were discussing about how to go about our social media as we are nearing to launch. For few days i was little off the track working on database and other manual stuff and side by side trying to learn as much as possible about SEO, SEM,…

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Whether to start marketing Before or After Beta launch?

So i joined a new firm for internship, my life is starting to roll out finally. Its a tough decision to select where to intern or start a job when you have a lot of aspirations and expectations about how you wanna work, the environment, creativity and your level of engagement. Me being lucky got…

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Nobody likes to join music startups? Huh?

Music is something that connects you to joyous feeling in some or the other way. Even if you are a 55 year old mossback and hate listening to our generation of music I’m sure even you must have danced at your wedding. Everyone enjoy’s music and most of the people just love it so much…

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Meaningless Followers, Is It Worth It?

Social media as we all know have become such an important part of our lives that it’s almost inevitable not to be a part of it on internet. Gathering a lot of eyeballs might definitely increase your revenue through advertising but the important question that lurks in my mind is “Is quality of people following…

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