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The Hustle Story
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The Hustle Story

2008 – Graduated from school and joined college to study Mechanical engineering because I didn’t have any clue what to do in life.

2010 – Registered for a seminar on ‘Entrepreneurship’ to skip lectures and to ultimately skip the seminar too. First session by Mr. Milind Priolkar became the life changing event that introduced me to the business world.

2010 – Got questionable looks from the librarian when she saw me getting entrepreneurship books from the MBA section rather than ‘Material Strength’ book from Mechanical Engineering section.

2011 – Attended the first local entrepreneurship meetup of Open Coffee Club in Bangalore. Nobody understood what a 20 year old is doing there.

2011 – Started volunteering with Headstart Bangalore. Did that for next 16 months and got an opportunity to hear and meet Pallav Nadhani, Shoaib Ahmed and many other distinguished personalities.

2011 – Started learning online marketing by reading whatever I could get my hands on.

2011 – Started working on an idea ‘PlugMyDJ’ in the music industry. Also, started looking for a technical partner to build a prototype.

2012 – Onboarded over 40 local DJs from Bangalore with just the vision and no prototype in hand. Told them it is coming soon. :)

2012 – Graduated from college and shut down PlugMyDJ.

2012 – Joined Musejam as an intern. Started implementing online marketing theory into practice.

2012 – Ran a successful Facebook campaign by spending only $5. See what I did.

2012 – Started working part time with other early stage startups to help them setup their marketing system. Also to learn it deeply myself. :)

2012 – Learnt HTML, CSS and PHP to not feel handicapped anymore.

2013 – Got first viral content to my name. Here is the original image. And you can read what I learnt from my viral content.

Pallav Kaushish's image that Went Viral On Facebook

My Image That Went Viral On Facebook

Pallav Kaushish's Viral Image social sharing stats

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2013 – Started working part time with PerfectCloud. Over 12 hours of work + 3 hours commute + 4-5 hours sleep = Too much stress – got a mini heart attack on a metro station. Find out what I learnt from the experience of working with two startups at a time.

2013 – Joined PerfectCloud full time. Learnt a lot, implemented a lot. Worked with over 7 startups through out 2013.

2013 – Got a golden opportunity to discuss my feedback in person with the CEO and top management of InfoEdge (first Indian internet company to go public) on their product 99Acres. This was because of my article ‘Why 99Acres Need To Get Its Act Together and Innovate‘ published in October.

2013 – Organized a local meetup for Noah Kagan in Delhi and spent a day with him. Find out how I got Noah to do an offline meetup on his leisure trip.

noah kagan and Pallav Kaushish in New Delhi Bangla Sahib

2014 – Learnt Javascript and created the Unofficial Chrome Extension for as a hobby project.

2014 – Joined Livit & Mailbird as Growth Marketer. Still working here. Team members are amazing.

2014 – Worked with 8 other startups on the side.

2015 – Wrote a research piece on ‘How Gmail’s structured data can change the next wave of email marketing’. Got featured in Hiten Shah’s SaaS weekly newsletter #19. Became the most shared article of this blog.

2015 – Moved towards consulting rather than hands on work. Helping a few more startups with their marketing.

2015 – Working on a side project Griggi with an ambitious goal of building a global WiFi sharing ecosystem.

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